Love in a box leaflet Love in a box leaflet 2

For many years now Willow Brook School has been involved in one way or another with the Christmas Shoe Box Appeal. If you have never met the project before, its aims are to reach out to ‘Europe’s poorest, the abandoned, the terminally ill, those with disabilities, those living with HIV and AIDS or dementia or the multiple challenges loneliness, poverty in old age can bring.’ By simply filling a shoe box with small items that will show a touch of care and Christmas love you have the chance to make a difference.

We have decided to make operation ‘Shoebox’ our half term holiday homework! There will be a homework merit and a certificate for every box brought back on the Monday after the holidays.

You’ll see from the attached leaflet that you can choose who you make a box for. You can pick the items that go inside from the list and send a Christmas message to someone who may not receive any other touches of kindness this year.

Just to underline exactly what to do…

  1. Find a shoe box and wrap the lid and bottom of the box separately in wrapping paper
  2. Decide the specific age and gender of who your box is for
  3. Shop and gather items listed in the leaflet to fill the box
  4. Add a card or message
  5. Complete the leaflet and glue/sellotape the label onto the lid
  6. Fasten the box securely with ribbon, string or (ideally) an elastic band
  7. Add the £2 donation as instructed, BUT DO NOT put this inside the box
  8. Return the box to school on Monday 5th November
  9. Feel proud and add your merit!

Mrs Harley, one of our parents, is organising collection on Tuesday 6th November. We look forward to sending as many boxes as Willow Brook can muster on that date.

Your kindness and effort is so very appreciated.

The staff of Willow Brook