Today Willow Brook celebrated International Women’s Day and made sure that every girl who shares our space knows that they are strong, valued and able to chase any dream that they might have!

In assembly we thought about the number of girls (a staggering 130,000,000) who would not be going to school today… and not out of choice. As well as understanding some of the reasons why, we remembered Malala Yousafzai who knew that to make a difference she had to stand up and speak out. It’s exactly what Emmeline Pankhurst said… and Beyonce..! Have a look at some of the other people and statistics we shared below. It illustrates exactly why International Women’s Day is as important today as it was when it began in 1911.

As much as we think our society is changing, we spent part of the morning trying to convince children in our EYFS class that girls were not confined to (as they said) hairdressing, make-up artists, child minders, ballerinas and nurses. Some of the boys were quite convinced that you would never see a female ‘train driver, builder, crane operator or a member of the police force who could drive fast!’ We watched a film that might start to challenge their thinking and Mrs. Sampson is determined to add to their experience! Have a look at the video below – you’ll see that our 5 year olds are not the only ones to think like this. Help us to talk about this and let’s keep working towards a more equal world.

If nothing else, Willow Brook is full of girls who are determined, positive, well-informed and ready for anything! Willow Brook girls CAN!