The Great Willow Brook Science Showdown

Thursday March 15th 2018

As part of our involvement in National Science and Engineering Week, we are inviting you to take part in a competition to find Willow Brook’s first ‘Young Scientist of the Year’.

The whole school has the same homework task over the next two weeks and that is to think up and build a ‘creation’ to show science in action. You might like to design a model…carry out a bit of research at home and display the results… or set up a test you can show your peers to demonstrate your thinking and discoveries. All that we ask is that you can explain the science to us.

The first round of the showdown takes place in classrooms on Thursday 15th March. You will be able to show and tell your thinking. Each class will then nominate two projects to go to the grand final on Friday 16th March, where a panel of professional scientists will select their winner.

Your project can be very simple and can be something that the whole family work on together. The internet is full of ideas and inspiration and your teacher is bound to give you some useful advice if you get stuck. You might think like a biologist or an engineer… or show us some simple physics or chemistry in action and, whether you are 5 or 11 years old, we are sure that there are plenty of projects that you can get your teeth into. We don’t want to make too many rules – we look forward to seeing your imaginative responses!