On Friday we said a heartfelt goodbye to each other. Whether we will find ourselves in each other’s company again during this academic year is unknown, which made it a difficult day to judge. We sang together and talked about our community and wanted to send our love to all of our friends who were not by our sides. Our picture serves as a message of love to you all.

For our dear Year 6 children, it was especially hard – neither a day of celebration that could be marked with a sense of achievement and joy, nor a day where you could say goodbye to your primary days in a meaningful way. Your day will come. We WILL find a way of marking this important ‘rite of passage’ when the time is right and, together as a complete class, you can do it with fond happiness.

Lots of very special things happened during the day. We came across Mr Boyd singing with the children outside at lunchtime… just what was needed! The children were simply enjoying a precious time together and that was much needed.

Leaving you all at the end of the day was both upsetting and surreal. The staff thank you most sincerely for all for your messages of support and kindness as we try and maintain a positive environment in which to care for the children of our key workers. In school or out, lessons will stop for all. Do not be overly anxious about your children’s academic achievement. In school or in your homes, the next few months will see us reading, writing diaries and stories, digging the garden, exploring and communicating online, cooking, making, talking, watching the great outdoors and rising to many different challenges. It’ll be filled with completely unique adventures and opportunities and I have no doubt that we will all be learning an enormous amount every day. Keep your children well. Don’t be anxious for their progress… somehow every child in the world will find their place again as they move on together. As will we all.

You may not be in our building but stay close to us. Do all you can to be well, and be determined to do anything you can to contribute to social efforts to make this as short a time apart as we possibly can.

We will miss you all very much.

Mrs Ballard