Good morning everyone. I hope you are all well rested and ready for another fantastic week. I am sure you all enjoyed building your paper planes and if you haven’t already, please get your thrown distance in for our leaderboard. We have another exciting week planned for you as well as a new book. I hope you all enjoy and have another brilliant week.

Keep smiling

Mr Boyd

Week plan:

WC 25.01.21- Home learning planner


Monday- English- 25.01.21

Monday- Maths- 25.01.21

Monday- Topic- 25th January


Tuesday- English- 26.01.21

Tuesday- Maths- 26.01.21

Tuesday- PSHE- 26.01.21


Wednesday- English- 27.01.21

Wednesday- Maths- 27.01.21

Wednesday- Topic- 27th January


Thursday- English- 28.01.21

Thursday- Maths- 28.01.21

Thursday- Science- 28.01.21


Friday 29th January My World

Friday 29th January Animal Art

Friday- Spellings- 29.01.21

Handwriting 21.01.18- g and capital

Handwriting 21.01.18- f and capital