In our pursuit of yet more reading happiness, Willow Brook children enjoyed a fabulous day celebrating the 25th World Book Day! Since the launch of our Waterstones Challenge, there has been a new enthusiasm for reading around school – new authors and recently released texts have filled the classroom shelves and the best of the children’s classics titles are finding new fans. It was no surprised then, that this was a day where that enthusiasm shone!

The best thing about Willow Brook dressing up days is that creativity abounds! We love homemade outfits just as much as shop-bought costumes and you never cease to amaze us when it comes to originality.

Our book parade got the day off to an exciting start. There were prizes and merits to be won and lots to see and learn. We then took part in creating a whole-school book… about books!

After lunch parents and grandparents came to read. After such a long time without visitors, the school was once again full of families who all loved finding a comfy place to relax and read a good book. Everyone also brought and took a book from our Big Swap Shop. Our older children helped our younger classes to find the right one and everyone left feeling happy.

Thank you, Willow Brook – we’ve had a wonderfully memorable World Book Day together.  Have a look at the photos and I’m sure you’ll agree.