After thoroughly enjoying a Parliamentary half term, we tested our debating skills on Friday as three bills were discussed in our very own House of Commons! The Speaker of the House brought our 180 M.P.s to order and the afternoon was as lively as Westminster!

Having been the focus of our topic work in class this week, the children questioned whether taxes should be raised to support a growing population of homeless people; whether schools should have pets to promote pupil well being and if it would be viable to move our secondary school to a more central location (i.e. Gamston!) and use the grounds to boost the retail world with a Primark and Lidl….

Parliamentary ping-pong followed as the bills were sent to the Lords and finally the Queen gave Royal Assent to raising taxes. The final two proposals, you may be relieved to hear, were not approved!

It was a great afternoon and the experience just brought the children’s learning to life. The excitement and eloquence of some very young M.P.s was incredible. We even had some protests from the people’s viewing gallery! Perfect!

Here are some pictures to give you a taste of the afternoon…