Hello Class 3!

I hope you are all well and maintaining those sunny smiles through what has been a rather wet and cloudy week. Had all been “normal” this half term, Class 3 and 4 would have been off adventuring at Walesby Forest on Wednesday and Thursday. Alas, the circumstances mean this is not possible. Mrs Mullen and I have, however, put together some suggestions for how you can put together your own residential at home. I’d like to stress that these activities should only be done with adult permission!

We would love nothing more than to see pictures and hear your reviews of your “Residential, not a Residential” experience so please email through to either or both of us anything you’d like to share!

Year 3 4 not quite a residential Week 3

As I mentioned in the learning letter last week, Vincent Van Gogh would have been at the centre of our topic this half term. To give you a change to explore some of his paintings, here is a task to get you looking closely at his work:

Vincent Van Gogh guess the painting

I’ve heard rumours of some very speedy children finishing the 30 day maths challenge already! There is, of course, no rush to finish these, but as I know some children have finished the first part and are raring to go on the part 2, I have made that available this week…make this one last a little longer!

30 day maths challenge Part 2

Work your way through the fraction work using White Rose Hub. If you start at Week 1, you may find that you whizz through some lessons as parts will be recapping what we were doing with Miss Vallins in school before Easter! Each “lesson” contains a video and a worksheet (with answers as a separate file!):


There is also another diary entry from Gillian…

Gillian’s diary 3 answers

Gillian’s diary 3

Enjoy 🙂