What an adventure! We returned yesterday with 38 sleepier children than we set off with but what an amazing time they have had.

Very excited on Monday morning we set off on our journey and had a rather loud coach journey that was full of singing and chanting. When we arrived, the children we’re very exciting to settle into their dorms before setting off on their first activity in no time at all.

One activity that all the groups took part in was stream scrambling. This was rather challenging but so much fun, clambering over (mainly under) obstacles in the water, planning a route up a waterfall and to end it all enjoying a slide down the rocks at the end. We had wellies full of water and big smiles on our faces, as well as being rather exhausted after this activity.

An activity for the brave was also faced as we abseiled down a rather tall bridge over a rushing river! So many children embraced the challenge and took the plunge over the edge finding that they actually enjoyed the descent once they had done the hard part. We were really impressed with how many children overcame their fears with this activity and had a go!

And the most wet and soggy of all the activities was canoeing…which the majority of the children voted as their favourite at the end of the trip (possibly due to the opportunity to continually splash their teachers). This activity was a lot of fun, set in the beautiful scenery of Chatsworth house we enjoyed playing lots of games and activities that involved more swimming than canoeing as the opportunity to jump into the water was far too tempting.

The final activity carried out by all groups was based on site exploring the low ropes course and climbing walls. The children took part in lots of team building activities and enjoyed the mini challenges during their time climbing.

Finally a few extra photos to show you what we got up to in addition to all of these activities, we kept ourselves very busy during the evenings, playing games out on the field and carrying out a quiz and bingo on the rainier evening. From beginning to end the children were marvelous and a delight to take on a residential, it has been wonderful listening to all of the memories that have been made and the stories that have been shared about our trip.