This Friday is, of course, Red Nose Day and Willow Brook will be fund-raising with style! As well as our Great Dahl Quiz in the afternoon, (where there may be more Wonka Bars to be won…) we will be having our cake sale and wearing all the red we can find!

In this morning’s assembly we watched the story of Hassan, a twelve year old boy who lives in Sierra Leone. He lost his mother to the Ebola epidemic and, thanks to Comic Relief, has had the £45 he needs to spend a year at his local school. His positivity was a great lesson. In response to this, each child should bring home a Red Nose Day money cube to make tonight. The idea is that, as well as doing a bit of origami, they put a part of their pocket money in the cube and return it on Friday. We also considered our many privileges… phones, ipads and games consoles to name but a few, and how this could be an opportunity to demonstrate how much we appreciate all that we have. The children have also been told that they can gather a few more pounds by asking some grown ups in their family to add a bit of their pocket money too. We talk a lot about sharing, showing care and having empathy in our Monday assemblies and by taking part in this small activity, we will see all of that in action.

We know how much you always give and thank you in advance for your fabulous support.