The Boys Dragon Days

Boy 5

As boy 5 I had to be something like a gang member!

So my part was really fun. There was this kid called Tommy who came about 15 minutes in and us boys had to trick the village into making the villagers think the dragon took Gilda’s goats so he had to face the dragon. I had 4 lines on my own and had 5 other lines. My favourite line was when us boys had to say,

“And we could all be sick blah!”

It was funny to say because it was just us 5 boys and it was about when the girls said

“We could build a snow dragon to practise on”

“And we could watch”

So you probably get it now but my least favourite part was

“Hi Gilda”

I didn’t dislike it much though.

Parts in my class

Lewis was Old Ma

Billy was Boy 1

Max was Villager 9

Jacob V was Tommy

Lillian was Gawine

Harry was the Mayor

Rebecca was the Teacher

Well I can’t tell you much more so now I will tell you more about my part. The first thing we did was do the yodelling. Well not us doing it we were miming it. Me and Tom had to play the guitar and the other boys had to mime it.

You are Boy 5

Yes I was a boy and I had a good part. It was not large but at least it had a few lines.

This was the part I really wanted so I was really happy.