Christmas Production: Dragon Days

My favourite part of the play was when the agents and ninja warriors came on because they did a really good choreographed dance and everyone couldn’t stop smiling at them.

Behind the scenes: you would have never thought that we had 3 movements of the stage because the play was so well handled and we had lots of prop rehearsals to make sure everything looked right.

Auditions: Everyone was very keen on auditions and everyone had a go at one of the parts. First the year sixes got a piece of paper and wrote down 2 suggestions of who they wanted to be since it was their last production. On the day the children found out what they were, everyone was very glad about their part and they all did an amazing job as their character.

Rehearsing: it was so much fun rehearsing Dragon Days and all the children looked very proud holding their script with their character written on the back of it. The children and teachers loved learning and making actions to the songs. The teachers had to help with all the stage directions and made a fantastic job of it since everyone had a moving part.

My character: I was so proud to be able to be narrator 3. The other narrators I were joined with were Phoebe, Sophie, and Tom. Being a narrator meant telling the story of ‘Dragon Days ‘and helping the audience understand the scenes.

The night: all the children did amazingly and Rebecca from year 6 and Jemima from year 4 had to fill in for some people who weren’t able to make it and they knew their cue and all the lines . We had great audiences for all performances and they really made the pupils feel proud.


By Keira