The School Play

Willow Brook’s school play is very different to what you see on the night, in rehearsals it’s not the same. It may have looked like we had it all planned out, but a lot of people couldn’t make it on the actual night. Jorja in year 6 couldn’t make it on the last night so Rebecca had to replace her that night and she was told that in the afternoon so she only had a few hours to learn them.

Every night it got better, as the show went on we got more confident. You wouldn’t believe this but the audience got louder and louder every night and the first group of people were loud.

I was the Mayor in the play and this was a big responsibility for me. I felt like I was going to mess up my lines or forget them even but everybody around me encouraged me and helped me to feel better so I got more confident and better. Everyone in Willow Brook has a part in the play even if they didn’t have lines they still did something like sing, dance, pass up a prop to give to Tommy (Jacob), hold a scarf or run on with just a bucket. But everyone had a part, and I mean everyone. This year Mrs Ballard didn’t direct it, it was Mrs Hackett this year.

From Harry W