Willow Brook’s Christmas play 2017


The Teacher

This week Willow Brook were doing their school play called Dragon Days. We were all busy getting prepared for an exciting school play. In the school play I was a Teacher, a few people said that when I’m older being a Teacher is going to be my future career. I liked playing the Teacher as my role in the school play because I liked all the lines that I said and I like to be organised.

On Thursday 14th, I had to take someone else’s role, because they weren’t very well. I was confident in my lines and someone else’s lines. Some of the Teachers said I was really good at the lines (I had to practice the extra lines in a day).

Behind the scenes

Now I’m going to talk about behind the scenes. Behind the scenes some of the teachers were helping with the songs and dances (so that we didn’t forget them). Also the four Crones had to get changed for their last part (they had to get ready for bed).


Here are some people in my class who did great in the school play.

  • Keira- Narrator 3
  • Jacob- Tommy
  • Billy- Boy 1
  • Lilian- Gawain
  • Trinity- Girl 2
  • Izzy- Girl 1
  • Phoebe- Narrator 4
  • Harriet- Ninja
  • Lewis- Old Ma
  • Harry- Mayor
  • Annabelle/Grace s- Cheerleaders
  • Grace D- Gilda
  • Victoria- Personal Trainer
  • Harvey- Villager 6
  • Jorja- Old Woman
  • Max- Villager 9
  • Alex- Boy 5
  • Josh- Villager 13
  • Jacob S- Oompah Band Leader

By Rebecca