The Girls

Girl 2

In the school play (Dragon Days) I was Girl Two. I was excited during rehearsal, but when it came to the show I was a bit nervous. I liked my part in the play though. I remembered all my lines, as they were short and I enjoyed the play. I am grateful that I got the part I got. I wish I could’ve been there for every show. But another girl played my part wonderfully. As being one of the girls we had to act stereotypically which meant we had to make it seem like we fancy Tommy.


There were lots of characters in this play and they were all amazing. Two of them even sang solos (Gawain and Tommy). Tommy sang ‘Dragon Skin Shoes’ and Gawain sang ‘A Dragons Life’. Gilda remembered all her long lines.

Funny Moments

There were loads of funny moments such as when Gawain’s tail fell off and she couldn’t stop laughing and when tommy did his cat walk, the firemen’s nonstop bucket passing and more. There are too many to list.

This play was the best play I’ve ever done.

By Trinity