The School Play

The Willow Brook school play is a lot different to what you see on the night or on the CD. It is a lot harder than it looks, especially when getting the costumes. It took a lot of time and effort (especially for Miss Hackett), because she wrote the script. Jorja, on the last night, could not make it so Rebecca had to learn Jorja’s lines as well as remembering her own.

I, being Tommy (Jacob) thought everyone became more and more confident every night. The audience got better and better each night we did it. The audience got better because we got better and impressed them.

It was hard for me and Grace at the end because we had to shout over a loud storm sound effect. I had to sing a solo in front of everybody which I was really nervous about but I got more and more confident as I did it more and more. At the end I had to trip and pretend to be knocked unconscious on the hard floor. It was really hard to stay still but I tried as hard as I could to not move.

It was really hard because it was in the hall and I had to wear a leather jacket and some tracksuit bottoms so I was boiling hot. Miss Hackett was the director this year and she was very good.

By Jacob V