This morning’s Bench of Glory was quite special. We celebrated a group of children who have all shown teachers and TA’s that there is a little bit of superhero inside… whether that’s through clever thinking, swift action, kind hearts or simple but brilliant acts of bravery.

Oscar, Bella, Elise, Heer, Alice, Kaylan and Phoebe all enjoyed hearing their teacher’s messages and their friends’ applause! We then had two special children who had surprise visits from members of their family who had written to me over the past couple of weeks to share something rather special that their children had done…

When Freya turned round to sit on the Bench and saw her Mum and Grandma sitting at the back of the hall, she was a little puzzled! Following our harvest project, Gran had telephoned the school to recount how Freya had shown great kindness to a homeless young person she had passed on the street. Seeing a need, she had asked if she could buy the man some food and proceeded to take him into a nearby store and let him choose the things he wanted to make himself some sandwiches. Gran was very proud to share the story in assembly this morning, and we made sure that Freya knew what a superhero she was.

Our second visitor in assembly this morning was none other than Batman himself! Again, it was Zavi who was slightly surprised to see his Dad fly into the hall! Last week, Zavi’s mum sent in some photos showing Zavi and his Dad dressed as Batman and Robin! They had taken Trick or Treat sweets to the QMC children’s wards to share amongst some little people who might not have had the chance to enjoy Halloween because they were so unwell. Batman spoke about how proud he was that his ‘boy wonder’ was a superhero in training!

A great fun-filled assembly that, I hope, will have inspired us all to do something a little bit ‘super’!