Band Leader

The band leader is the part I played.
Even though it only had three lines on stage in total, I chose it for its German line.
The line was, “Singen wir, wir sint so Alpine, ingsgazamt jetz, altogether now!”
The other two were just the introduction and, “We’re players not slayers!”
I really enjoyed playing my part.


The rehearsals were, tough, and a bit tense near the end.
A lot of people were talking during the rehearsals and so the teachers kept having to shush everyone!
I was a little bit scared because it was my first and last play, but other than that I was really excited for it.


We were given a booklet to share with someone and to see what was happening in the story, as soon as I saw the Band leader I knew that was the part for me, when the part popped up to see how whoever the person was that was picked went, my hand shot up like a rocket and I was picked first (there was only one other person who put forward for it).
I was so happy when I got given the part, I’m not too keen on big parts, so I was glad when I got the band leader rather than some other big part.

By Jacob