Behind the Scenes Willow Brook School Play

The school play in Willow Brook Primary School was a fun topic for all the children although not everything went to plan. You see, I was a wise old woman and I sat next to the old crones and the Dragon. In the first few rehearsals we started on practicing lines, for about a week, and had no props made or stage planned out. The second week we started work on the stage, it was hard work at first but we still made it! The stage was quite different at first but we went through quite a few plans. Then a few more classes came in to learn their lines, I could barely move! After that we started on the props, let’s just say… there were no arrows on the back originally! I also got my book – The Chronicals Of Stumbledorf- but then they changed it to a thinner version with talcum powder in… to make a poof of dust of course.

The Parts

Now, since I was the wise old woman, I had a very important part of the play (although I only had three lines) I had to tell the tale of Stumbledorf! I also had a very funny part too, I had to do a fitness class routine as an old woman. I had lots of fun doing this- and I’m sure the Old Crones and Old Ma did too! Max got villager 9, Rebecca got the Teacher, and Grace got Gilda the Goatherd! I remember how she wanted Gilda so badly, she was so happy!

The Play Commencing

Everyone was so excited for the school play coming up! We practiced more often, everything was themed about Stumbledorf AND I was so nervous I felt as If I was going to throw up! I still did the play, most of it, and everyone was so kind to one another it felt a lot like normal and everything was normal!

The Play!

When the play day came we had to go back to school! Many people groaned about this, but not me! I was so excited, I had butterflies in my stomach. The first one went well, the second we did in the middle of the school day, so lots of grannies came to this one. The Third one went quite badly… the talcum powder flew everywhere! It fell on my black shoes and we had to polish them for the last one, it didn’t come off! Unfortunately, I didn’t go because I was sick… Rebecca had to play my part instead. I heard she did a really good job too!

Now you know what happened behind the scenes…

By Jorja