Christmas Play – Dragon Days

The Willow Brook Christmas Production is a play that happens every year. My favourite part was when the Ninja Warriors came and all tripped over! Everyone took part, but then on the last night somebody couldn’t make it, so Rebecca in Year 6, played both her own part and somebody else’s!

We all worked really hard in rehearsals and everyone learnt their lines and it went really well. The staging was completely different in the performances than in the rehearsals, but the teachers made the right decision about moving the stage and by the end it was in a really good position.

I was the dragon and I had a Velcro tail. On the Wednesday afternoon performance, it fell off on stage! Everyone thought it was funny because I couldn’t stop laughing.

Behind the scenes, in the snug, we were waiting in darkness to go in and we were all in a spiral so we could all go out in a neat way, in the right order.

By Lilian