Dragon Days behind the Scenes!

I was ready to start the play, I knew I was ready to perform but when I entered the hall I was really nervous. As soon as I got used to it though, it got better and better.

Auditions 2017

A lot of people in our year had some really good parts, Harry was the mayor, Billy was a young boy, Jacob was my son! And Max was a villager! You’re probably wondering why I said Jacob was my son, it’s because I was a stereotypical Old Ma who loved her boy!!Lillian’s part was the dragon called Gawaine, Jorja was the Old woman, Grace was Gilda, Izzy and Trinity were girls, Annabelle and Grace were Cheerleaders, Victoria was the gym teacher, Josh and Harvey were the villagers, Keira and Phoebe were the narrators, Rebecca was the teacher, Harriet was the ninja warrior and last but not least, Alex was a young (naughty) boy.

 What it was about

The people in Stumbledorf overreact! They thought there was a dragon hiding in the mountains and they wanted someone to go and kill the dragon. Then two people came in and all the villagers were happy that he came so he could hunt the dragon and kill him/her. The boys played a trick on the villagers; they made a massive dragon claw and took away Gilda’s goats and said the dragon ate them. Then tommy went up the mountain and tripped over. Gilda realised the trick and went up the mountain to save Tommy and met a not so scary dragon on the way!

By Lewis