Dragon days

Christmas play 2017

We had our school play this week and I am going to tell you a little about what happens behind the scenes.

In all the plays we have done, you may have thought how great they were but it has not always been that way! In our dress rehearsal we had signs upside down, people forgetting their lines… well I think we all do that don’t we? But overall everyone was great and they all suited their part really well… Miss Hackett and Miss Morrow did a great job choosing, well done.

All the parts

I loved my part because I got to do it with my friends and I think that it was all really fun. I had to love Tommy who was played by Jacob. And I had to be very dramatic about telling the people how big and scary the dragon was. The funny thing was that Lilian was the dragon and when the villagers were talking about her they always said ‘he’ except the Mayor/Harry said she or her. And when we needed to know the word or the action to the songs, Miss Hackett and Mrs Ballard would do them and there is one action they did to remind us what the world was and that was ‘hefty hippo’ and they always puffed up their cheeks- it was so funny- every time they did it Victoria, Lilian, Annabelle and I could not stop laughing!

The clapping at the end

When you clapped at the end it felt outstanding and when Mrs Ballard said all those lovely things about us it felt amazing and we could not have done it without all the teachers so thank you.

by Izzy