After such a wet and dreary week, Children in Need Day at Willow Brook has certainly added its inevitable burst of sunshine!

As always, your kindness and sense of fun meant that the hall this morning was full of characters from Camelot and Pudsey Bears. The Round Table was laden with playtime treats and a whole-school treasure hunt saw our oldest children taking our youngest in search of the Holy Grail! The children were careful not to wake the dragon in the office on their quest. She was certainly scarier than usual for a Friday! This afternoon there were 185 mesmerised children at the Willow Brook cinema for a wonderful watch of Disney’s Sword in the Stone… animation at its best and the perfect way to end a very busy week.

I’m delighted to say that our efforts thus far have raised £425 – thank you for your Children in Need spirit and generosity. It was lovely to hear that many had chosen to donate their own pocket money. Willow Brook children certainly have a growing sense of community and care.