Dragon Days Review

You should have seen Willow Brook’s 2017 Christmas play by now. However easy it may look, it takes more effort than it seems.

Did you know the stage was originally set up like last year? There was a central stage for the mountain and a stage on either side, one for the village and the other for the boys and girls. Then it was set up the same, but swapping the boys and girls stage for the mountain and swapping the mountain stage for a walkway. Then it finally became the stage you saw! I was Villager 13 and every production I added another joke with my hat. Some people had to cover for others: Albert (Villager 1) covered for Mady (Villager 2) all the days, Jemima covered for Trinity (girl 2) on all the evenings and Rebecca(teacher) covered for Jorja (Old Woman).

So now you know how much work goes into the play!

by Josh