Behind the scenes Dragon Days 2017!

Before the school play started I was so ready, I thought it would be a simple task, little did I know it wasn’t that easy…

First of all I auditioned to be Old Ma Rumble- basically she is this old woman who has a son called Tommy Rumble. Old Ma is a very funny character, she is a very stereotypical granny. Anyway I failed to get that role but I got the role of a young boy who was having a great life until Tommy came along and got all the attention of the village and the girls!


In the end, Miss Hackett decided that she needed an opening act and she decided that the other boys and I should do a yodelling act with Thom, Edward (who is my brother), Sami and Alex. Alex and Thom were on the guitars, Sami and Edward were dancers and I was the main singer. It was a very stressful job because I was pretty much keeping all the boys in line!


When it came to the actual performance I was quite used to embarrassing myself in front of an audience so I wasn’t too worried about it. There was one part in the play where Edward and I did a goat catching scene. It was very funny in the rehearsal without music but when it came to the music, which was the pink panther theme tune, it was a little bit short so we had to compromise what we did! We got some of the other boys involved so they made some nets to catch the goats and made a carrot on a stick to tame them with!


My mum and dad said they enjoyed it and that they laughed a lot! There were a few other adults who said well done. My friends Lewis, Harry, Jacob and Max said that the performances were our last ones and they were also our best ones! I agree!

by Billy