Dragon Days

Christmas Production 2017

This year’s production/play was probably slightly different to other school plays we’ve done in the past years, this is because Miss Hackett was directing this year. This meant Mrs Ballard had to step back, seeming as she is head teacher now!


The auditioning was the hardest bit- the teachers had to carefully decide who would be best for each part. Not everyone was completely happy with their parts at the start, but in the end everyone enjoyed it very much!

My Character

I was a Cheerleader. Being a Cheerleader involved; cheering on my hero Tommy (NOT my real hero!) We had pom-poms to wave around, and most importantly we needed to be happy!

After all of the performances I felt proud and happy with myself for doing it and enjoying them! I think this year’s production went very well and Miss Hackett did a great job!

by Annabelle