Behind The Scenes Dragon Days 2017!

Getting my part

On Tuesday I was very excited because we were auditioning for the Dragon Days School Play! This year I wanted to get a big part (as we are in year 6) because in previous years I didn’t get big parts. We started off auditioning for the narrators which I auditioned for. Next I auditioned for Gawaine (the dragon) and I had to sing a solo!

On Friday (the last day of term) they were going to announce the parts but first Miss Hackett and Miss Morrow did some more auditioning. After Tuesday I really wanted to be the dragon. At the end of the day we finally got to know what our parts were and I was a cheerleader, this definitely wasn’t the part I was hoping for so I wasn’t too happy about it! But Miss Hackett asked if I could make up a dance for the snowflakes in the school play because it was too hard for her to be doing all these different jobs by herself.

My Character

As you may know already, I am a cheerleader and a snowflake! I made up a dance for the snowflakes so sometimes in rehearsals I would step out and teach the little kids the dance. I also had to be a cheerleader and had to love Tommy/Jacob (which I did not enjoy very much)! I was a cheerleader with my best friend Annabelle and my other best friend, Izzy, was Girl 1. Being a cheerleader and a snowflake was quite hard because straight after I had said my line as a cheerleader I quickly got ready to be a snowflake for the song ‘Snowfall’ was almost straight after!

By Grace S