Dragon days

Hi I am Harvey and I am going to tell you about the marvellous Christmas school play, well I will start off with the stuff behind the scenes. Well it all starts with lining up behind the door right where you can’t see us…

I am going to start with a girl called Rebecca, she was meant to be a teacher and she was, but she had to be another character as well as being her character and it was a bit tricky for her because she hadn’t learnt the lines because she was not meant to be that character but you would not have noticed at all.

Now I will go into how much fun it is to perform to an audience and be with all of your friends. Well to start off I will tell you all about the audience, the audience always clap and cheer to every joke and every song. Being with your friends and performing with them is a real pleasure.

I was part of the play too, I was a villager ( villager 6) and it was really fun being a villager as I was with two of my best friends; Joshua and Jacob. There were a lot of villagers in this school play.