My favourite part of the play, Dragon Days, was when the ninja warriors came in because they were really funny and they never became boring. Also my other favourite part was when the agents came in because they just danced.

We wouldn’t have been able to do the production unless everyone played their part. On the last night Rebecca in year 6 did someone else‘s role when they couldn’t make it, and she did a very good job and saved the day.

Behind the scenes: in the songs, Miss Hackett did some actions to help the little ones remember what comes next. She and Mrs Ballard did a hilarious hippopotamus action each evening/afternoon. It made Lilian, Annabelle and me laugh our heads off and I will never forget that.

Rehearsing: When we first started rehearsing ‘Dragon Days’ the staging was in a completely different place to the performance, the teachers kept changing their mind’s where the staging would look best, I think in the end it was in the perfect position.

I was the trainer so I had to get Tommy, who Jacob in year six played, ready to go up the mountain. The funniest thing in that scene was when I did the splits and Jacob had to try and do them too. But as you could probably guess, he couldn’t and it was so funny I couldn’t help but giggle slightly to myself. There were two solos in the school play. One of them was Lilian and the other one was Jacob.

Another funny moment was when one of the Old Crones kept shaking people in the audience, one of the victims used to go to our school and is my friend Izzy’s brother.


By Victoria